Third Generation the Best?

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Third Generation the Best? Empty Third Generation the Best?

Post  Trainer Kouzetsu on Sun Apr 10, 2011 10:40 pm

Well... What I think is that the third generation of Pokemon was the best. I had so much fun playing Ruby and Sapphire and I recently bought one of the last copies of Emerald at my local gamestop. (Which by the way gamestop has stopped taking gameboy games, systems, etc. So yeah. I got one of the last Pokemon Emeralds to be sold in stores. If you expect to get it anytime soon I suggest buying it now or you will have to buy it on eBay. And that goes for anything before the DS Pokemon games. But anyway...)

I love this generation just because of the complicated schemes Morimoto put into the game in order for you to get the legendaries and other things. Such as the Regi-Trio, Rayquaza, and the pain staking journey across half the region trying to track down Latias/Latios. Also the rocket station and all the cool building/city designs such as Sootopolis City and Fortree City. I have always loved the lottery ticket thing and that can be used even after you beat the game. Not only that but you can challenge the extremely difficult Elite Four, which in my opinion is the hardest ever for a Pokemon game due to Drake's freaking strong Salamence. I find no faults in this gen which makes it the best generation of Pokemon and probably will continue to be the best of all time no matter what Game Freak manages to throw out into the market for the series.

Why have I grown to love this game so much? Well actually, I didn't play this generation first. I played Blue Version and then Gold Version first. Then after beating those my friend spared his file and let me reset his Sapphire Version. I triumphed over that game and the Ruby followed. After being hooked for life on the series of Pokemon by my friend who is now a Senior I will never stop buying and playing Pokemon. After I beat those two I bought Diamond for myself which followed into me pre-ordering Platinum. Beating both of these, I did. And afterward I also pre-ordered Heart Gold and then I bought White. I plan on buying the Sequel to White and Black and buying any games that come after that. I have been hooked for life and I am sure you enjoyed reading my story of how I was hooked to these games for life.

Feel free to post your Pokemon Life Story on this topic and tell me your favorite generation.
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